The Crew, 2021

Dunwoody Mobile Detailing, established in 2021, was created from a genuine love for cars. As the owner, I have always been a strong advocate of keeping everything clean and organized in all aspects of my life. Once I owned my own vehicle, this trait transferred over to automobile ownership. Soon enough, I wanted to engage in young entrepreneurship while taking the Finance Academy at Dunwoody High School. I gained lots of experience with detailing from detailing my family’s cars for the past 3 years and learning from experience. From this, Dunwoody Mobile Detailing was created. Sharing something I am passionate about with others while also financing our school trip to New York was an opportunity that could not be passed over. By hiring us, you are not only supporting young entrepreneurship, but also the Dunwoody Finance Academy.

– Matthew Moss, owner

Meet the Crew

Nico Sciullo, General Manager

I’m Nico, proud general manager of Dunwoody Mobile Detailing. I’ve grown up in Dunwoody my whole life, and now go to Dunwoody High, class of 2023. Baseball is my passion, along with getting to cars. I always make a point to get things done efficiently and thorough on the job.

Bradley Moss, Head Technician

My name is Bradley Moss and I am a sophomore at Dunwoody High School. I am fifteen years old, and have lived in Dunwoody my entire life. I was given the great opportunity to work at Dunwoody Mobile Detailing, and have done so for four months now! Detailing cars is a great experience for me because it has helped teach me skills such as organizational, social, and communicational.

Luke Donaldson, Crew Manager

Hello! My name is Luke Donaldson and I am the crew manager at Dunwoody Mobile Detailing. I have always had a strong passion for cars growing up as a kid and I have definitely translated this passion into my work. We understand how important vehicles are to our clients, and do our best to continue to satisfy and go above expectation!

Mac Harbin, Technician

I’m Mac Harbin and I am one of the members of Dunwoody Mobile Detailing. My goal in life is to do my best at everything I do, and working here has helped me achieve that. On all detail appointments, we always give 100% effort in delivering the best service to the clients.

I’m Tyler McCulley, sophomore at Dunwoody High School. I’ve spent my whole life in Dunwoody, and got the opportunity to work for Dunwoody Mobile Detailing. I have gotten lots of experience detailing cars and working in this business over the time I have worked here. It is a great occupation and has taught me many lessons.